Still have dollars left to spend in your Human Resources budget this year? This is the perfect time to invest those dollars in the needs or challenges that are still on your TO DO list.

Do you need help with…

  • An experienced executive who is struggling as a leader and needs coaching and guidance?
  • A recently-promoted manager who needs support and guidance as they transition
    to leadership?
  • Someone new to HR who needs to be quickly brought up to speed?
  • That innovative, highly impactful HR program you haven’t had time to implement?

Whatever the challenge, Connect to HR is here to help!  We’ve achieved outstanding results for companies facing these same situations.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Connect to HR

“Michelle’s approach, ideas and fostering of my own insights pushed me forward as a boss, helped our organization and was quite meaningful to me.” – Jake L., CEO of Intact U.S.

“Michelle is a leadership development professional who looks at the total organization, the individuals and the current dynamics to align the best possible scenarios for the Executive, and for the vision of the governing board.” –  Lisa C., Former Executive Director, SCA

“Before we started working with Michelle, we had looked at HR platforms, but Michelle was a live person with experience and knowledge, who could share examples with us, versus us interacting with a computer screen. She’s a great sounding board as different situations come up. Thanks to Michelle, I’ve gained confidence in what I’m doing and how I handle situations. I also know that as new issues come up I can reach out to her for advice. She’s accessible and easy to work with.” – Marci H., HR Manager of IDW Publishing

“As a trained chef and business owner with no HR experience, I had to learn HR on the job. Michelle was a great teacher in that she walked me through things step by step. She was thorough and comprehensive, yet kept it simple: here’s your issue, here are some scenarios, here are the rules. She didn’t throw a lot of legal language at me.” – Lourine W., Owner (Left Coast Catering)