ty-2The last month of the year can often get so busy with wrapping things up for one year and preparing for the next that we forget a very important activity – saying “Thank You” to employees.

Before you take off for the holidays, be sure you show your appreciation for the work that your employees have done in 2016. Recap the successes, share lessons learned, and tell them your hopes and plans for the New Year. Let them know how important they were in the organization’s accomplishments this year, and how you are relying on them for continued success next year.

Many companies have gone through changes this year – big and small, planned or unexpected. As you thank employees – both in group settings and individually – keep your message positive.  Here are some ideas for showing your appreciation.

Say “thank you” in person. Encourage managers to make the time to walk around and thank each person on their team for contributing to the success of the organization. A personal thank you is much more meaningful than an email or a thank you during an “all hands” meeting.

Give a gift or cash award. Include a gift, cash or gift card with the personal thank you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be meaningful.

Take your team to lunch. Have each manager take their team out to lunch to celebrate the holidays and say “thank you.”

And now I would like to thank you for following my blog, and for providing your comments and feedback!

My best wishes for very Happy Holidays and a Successful 2017!