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Blog Articles


  • “Lone Star Limousine hired Connect to HR for the task of creating a new Employee Handbook. Michelle came to us with a 3 step process that made it very easy to work with her. We had such a great experience with Michelle that we retained Connect to HR as our HR consultant for our ongoing needs. I am happy to recommend any small business owner to Michelle and Connect to HR. She has been invaluable to us.”

    Jennifer J., Former Co-Owner of Lone Star Limousine
  • “Prior to hiring Michelle, we worked with another consultant but the staff didn’t feel comfortable confiding in her. Michelle is very personable, professional, and approachable. People felt comfortable sharing with her. After working with Michelle, I had less stress and was able to sleep at night, knowing I had someone I could trust. She kept things confidential. She was also really knowledgeable about California employment law. She kept me informed and up to date when something changed.”

    Diane R., Former Executive Director of YSI
  • Michelle quickly gained the confidence and trust of her business leaders through her authenticity, integrity, and solution-oriented approach. This enabled her to effectively manage complex business/employee situations and drive results throughout the organization. I’ve learned a great deal from Michelle during my time partnering with her.

    Choua K., HR Manager (Veritas)
  • Before we started working with Michelle, we had looked at HR platforms, but Michelle was a live person with experience and knowledge, who could share examples with us, versus us interacting with a computer screen. She’s a great sounding board as different situations come up. Thanks to Michelle, I’ve gained confidence in what I’m doing and how I handle situations. I also know that as new issues come up I can reach out to her for advice. She’s accessible and easy to work with.

    Marci H., HR Manager (IDW Publishing)
  • The great thing about Michelle is that she’s flexible and able to work with a small company. She’s willing to sit down and go over HR at a high level, where we want our culture to be and then the strategies to get there.

    Brandon F., Chief Operations Officer (Tangible Science)
  • Michelle has amazing commitment to the team. She’s also very good about balancing the needs of the people with the needs of the company. That’s incredibly unique. She was more than a consultant – she was part of my team. I’ve worked with a lot of HR partners, Michelle is the best I’ve ever worked with.

    Juli C., Sr. VP of Customer Retention (Veritas)
  • She facilitates healthy, compliant employee relationships…and she is an excellent facilitator with people.

    Elaine O., Co-Founder (Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions)
  • She is a miracle…Michelle is awesome! She is very straightforward. We interviewed other people and they were so judgmental. We felt belittled. Then Michelle came in and she felt like my sister and held us through the process without judgment. There was no bossing – she was patient because we were learning.

    Andrea M., former Operations Manager at Silicon Valley RO/DI Services
  • I think she’s quite brilliant and has been an enormously important resource for us. We would never hesitate to engage her on any future HR issues that we need help with.

    Alex B., Owner, Bay Interactive
  • Working with Connect to HR was one of the easiest business transactions. Michelle Mendoza answered all my questions. Michelle’s final product far exceeded my expectations. I was extremely happy with the work and service that went along with it. I would definitely recommend Michelle Mendoza, Connect to HR to a friend or colleague.

    Ravinder L., Owner (UPS Store #4636)