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Successful HR navigation requires continuous awareness and education about risk, liability, compliance regulations and current best practices. I Understand How Frustrating and Time Consuming It Can Be! I know what it is like to want to focus on your business, not the headaches that can come from hiring staff. I created Connect to HR, to save you time, money and energy! I work with business owners just like you from hiring to firing.

Working with Connect to HR gives you the advantage of my experience and expertise AND the knowledge that all the information I give you is up to date with Federal and State laws.

Your first step to avoiding a potential lawsuit is to sign up for your copy of the “Top Three Mistakes that Result in Costly Employee Litigation”, a $150 value; yours Free. 


  • Help you avoid the most common employer mistakes that not only cost you out of pocket expenses but also the emotional distress a lawsuit can place on your business.
  • The importance of writing down employee feedback
  • How to provide proper meal and rest breaks to employees
  • Why you should always take seriously a claim of discrimination, harassment and retaliation

If you have employees or hope to hire in the near future, do not miss this unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge that will help you avoid a costly lawsuit!

Claim your special report today!

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mistakes that result in costly employee litigation?

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What My Clients Say About Connect to HR:

  • “She facilitates healthy, compliant employee relationships…and she is an excellent facilitator with people.“

    Elaine O. (Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions)
  • “She is a miracle…Michelle is awesome! She is very straightforward. We interviewed other people and they were so judgmental. We felt belittled. Then Michelle came in and she felt like my sister and held us through the process without judgment. There was no bossing – she was patient because we were learning.“

    Andrea M. (Ion Exchange)
  • “I think she’s quite brilliant and has been an enormously important resource for us. We would never hesitate to engage her on any future HR issues that we need help with.“

    Alex B. (Bay Interactive)
  • Watch this video to see what Ravinder has to say about Connect to HR!

    “Working with Connect to HR was one of the easiest business transactions. Michelle Mendoza answered all my questions. Michelle’s final product far exceeded my expectations. I was extremely happy with the work and service that went along with it. I would definitely recommend Michelle Mendoza, Connect to HR to a friend or colleague.“

    -Ravinder L. (UPS Store #4636)

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